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CBD Oil Wholesale Intro

Our CBD wholesale intro is designed to help retail businesses, hair salons, healthcare professionals and affiliates to capitalize on the growing CBD market by offering the Green Method Farms line of premium CBD oil tinctures.

Signing up for our wholesale CBD program is easy! All you have to do is click the green button to purchase the highly discounted CBD intro package. In the intro, you will receive 12 Green Method Farms Tinctures; 4 natural flavor, 4, mint flavor, and 4 bubblegum flavor. We will also ship you a nice 12 bottle display, and a pre-made backdrop (see image). The display will catch your customers eyes right next to your cash register and has a place where you can write in your own retail price.

When you purchase the wholesale CBD intro, you are automatically enrolled in our wholesale program which means that you can purchase any future 1000mg tinctures for only $30 each, or 2000mg bottles for $50 each. It is that easy!


1000mg CBD tincture in mint flavour

CBD Oil Wholesale Tincture

We are proud to offer our premium CBD tinctures at bulk wholesale prices across the USA. Whether you have a CBD retail store, or just want to stock up on the highest quality CBD products, buying wholesale is an excellent opportunity.

Getting started on your wholesale order is quick and easy! Simply click the button below to purchase our CBD intro for only $350. You will then be able to purchase any additional 1000mg CBD bottles for only $30 each.

We offer fast and reliable shipping on our CBD tinctures and wholesale pricing that can make you a serious profit!

CBD oil retailer

Big Margins. Huge Profit.

You want to sell high quality CBD products with the largest margins….RIGHT? It’s time to ditch your current supplier!

At GMF, Dustin and Albert cultivate the hemp, extract and formulate the oil in their CBD tinctures. What you are left with is a pure premium CBD oil that your customers will love.

And since we do it all in house, our overhead is incredibly low, so we can pass the savings on to you!

The Quality is in the Cultivation

Green Method Farms is a family-run farm committed to providing the best in CBD tinctures at a wholesale price where the retailer can make a legitamate profit at a price that the consumer can afford.

We think that Green Method Farms is a superior CBD product, and believe that everyone should have access to exceptional CBD oil.