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We grow 10 acres of premium hemp with high CBD.



We processed our hemp biomass at an ODA certified extractor, and formulated the CBD tinctures.



From soil to oil; our eye has been on the product every step of the way.


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What’s Different about

Our CBD Oil?

Some brands use “hemp oil” which is made from hemp seed, and contain no CBD at all. Others use inferior quality oil.

At Green Method Farms, we can tell you exactly what is in your bottle. We grew the hemp ourselves, and know the exact CBD potency. We have passed lab testing for THC below 0.3%. You can scan the QR code on the bottle to see the lab reports from the exact batch of CBD that was used in that tincture. We farmed, processed, formulated, and bottled the products within a 20-mile radius in the high desert of Central Oregon. We can guarantee the highest quality Premium CBD oil in every bottle.

1000mg CBD tincture in mint flavour

The CBD Story:

soil to oil

CBD Companies Oregon has become a hub for industrial hemp farming and processing. Most agree the highest quality hemp comes from this region. At Green Method Farms, we believe quality biomass is produced through simple and proven farming methods.

We begin with the best-feminized genetics and propagate our seeds professionally in a seedling nursery operation to help the plant fulfill its genetic potential. This year, we planted our seedlings in early June, which gave our plants a solid 8 weeks of vegetative growth, and 9 additional weeks for flowering.

The result is really premium CBD oil that is high in major and minor cannabinoids. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

woman taking CBD oil


It often becomes confusing to find the ideal natural CBD Oil producer because of a plethora of options available – when it comes to buying pure CBD oil online. From different brands to unique flavors and varying prices, choosing nature’s best premium CBD oil can be challenging.

You might be wondering, “what separates one store that displays CBD oil for sale from the others?” Well, speaking in the general sense, there are two things you need to look for before purchasing natural CBD Oil.

The first component is making sure that the company offers high-quality ethanol extracted and lab-tested hemp oil. This factor separates the low-tier companies from the ones with genuinely useful products.

On the other hand, hemp genetics and the area where the hemp is grown act as the factor that differentiates premium hemp oil producers from their mid-tier competitors. Each hemp plant comes with its unique genetics that governs the potency of the extracted premium CBD Oil. Similarly, the location makes the plant grow freely and reach its full potential without having to survive under synthetically created weather conditions.



At GMF, we’re all about transparency! As someone who’s shopping for natural CBD Oil, it is recommended that you go through customer CBD reviews and gain more insights about our products through product testimonials, CBD product reviews, product testing, and brand reputation.

No matter where you look, you will find that our premium CBD oil for sale is being enjoyed by people across the country! Instead of purchasing with us because of our popularity, you should consider other aspects such as product quality, and value for money. This is what makes us one of the best online CBD stores in the market.

And there’s more to the equation other than quality products and amazing testimonials. We work towards giving back to those less fortunate. For every bottle of pure CBD oil that you purchase, we donate $5 to Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that brings safe and pure drinking water to people in developing countries.


Turning Oil to Water


From every bottle of Pure CBD oil that you purchase, we will donate $5 to charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

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