Making Men on the Farm

There are many reasons we decided to farm hemp this year. Most of those reasons probably match your reasons; medicine, money…the love for the plant.

But one of my motivating factors was to help make my boys men. You see, I (Dustin) have two boys; 13 and 11. They are really great kids. For the most part, they do what they are told, behave respectfully, and are just all around good kids.

pure-natural-cbd-productsOne of the problems you see more and more, is that some of the younger generation just hasn’t been taught how to work hard, and take pride in their work.

For me, I see farming hemp as an opportunity for my kids. It is an opportunity for them to earn some money, problem solve, operate machinery, and get a little dirt under their fingernails.

And I will say, both kids stepped up to the task in ways I didn’t expect. The day we laid plastic, it was Albert, Gabe, the kids and me. They learned the operation, and were an integral part of getting the job done. In fact, it would have been tough to get the job done without them. Kinda seems weird to say, but true.

pure-natural-cbd-productsThey worked long days transplanting, and have spend many hours walking the rows, picking weeds, and foliar spraying. I’m really proud at how they have stepped up to the task, and done quality work.

Not only do they get to work hard, but they get to have fun doing it! My kids have got to ride quads, use tools, drive a tractor, and on our day off, we got to shoot guns on the property! A lot of this is a new experience for them, and they would not have had the opportunities without the farm.

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