2000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

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Providing twice as much CBD as our standard tincture, this extract is perfect for those who want a higher dosage in every serving. Our 2000mg CBD tincture oil is made from the hemp that was cultivated in the high desert of Central Oregon at Green Method Farms. Our premium hemp biomass was processed into a full spectrum distillate retaining all major and minor cannabinoids. Choose from Natural and Mint flavors.

Ingredients: MCT Oil (Fractionated coconut oil), Distilled hemp oil, flavoring.

2000mg CBD Tincture Oil: What's it all about?

Our full-spectrum 2000mg CBD oil is the result of sheer hard work and true craftsmanship. Over the years, it has become the face of our brand and is currently the most sought-after product on this website.

Crafted from hemp grown with care, this CBD tincture offers two unique flavors that make the earthy taste of unflavored hemp pleasant. With that being said, a good majority of our customers love the natural flavor. It is not too "hempy" tasting.

Order today to get your regular dose of naturally grown CBD oil!

CBD Tincture 2000mg: Information and Features

At Green Methods Farms, we work hard to bring you low THC, full-spectrum CBD tinctures. Our natural CBD oil creates a powerful combined effect that maximizes the results.

This non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating hemp oil are lab-tested with a THC potency that is less than 0.3%.

If you are looking to get results sooner, then this might be the best option for you because our combination of flavors and natural practices brings the best out of this CBD Oil.

You can be assured of our quality. Each batch is completely grown in the high desert of Central Oregon at Green Method Farms, and all the products are manufactured in our facility in Oregon.

Buy 2000mg CBD Tincture Oil Online: Why shop CBD from us online?

At Green Method Farms, we bring together the love of the outdoors and work the land together to create the best possible natural CBD products. We believe in the properties of CBD and create an exceptional crop. We extract the oil in a professional lab to get you the best possible results.

Shop from us today and try any one of our flavors.

*This product contains less than 0.3% THC, which may be detected on a drug test.

The Full-Spectrum 2000mg CBD Tincture Oil

CBD tinctures are derivatives of cannabis plants. Over 120 compounds or chemicals (known as cannabinoids) are located in cannabis plants. Out of these compounds, there are two popular ones; THC and CBD.

THC is responsible for the high/euphoria experienced when people use marijuana or cannabis. On the flip side, Cannabidiol (known as CDB) does not have any psychoactive effects.

Interestingly, their functions or characteristic behavior look like opposites before both compounds are extracted. While THC brings about the euphoria experienced in taking marijuana, CBD acts as a buffer—more like a pendulum.

These CBD tinctures are derived from potent strains of hemp. Because they have a lasting shelf life, they are used for many purposes.

There is a lot to know about the effects of CBD tinctures, and there is a lot of research yet to be done. However, scientists fear that many who use these tinctures use them outside of a medical basis. CBD tinctures are herbal compounds derived from using ethanol to extract compounds from a cannabis plant.

CBD tinctures and CBD oils are often used interchangeably. Tinctures give off a comprehensive range of embedded compounds. The ethanol is removed through a process of high heat in distillation. 

The 2000mg CBD Tinctures

The 2000mg CBD oil is a potent CBD oil derivative (products) for treating many things. It has many benefits that researchers and users have generally agreed upon.

From users' reports and market surveys, it is evident that the 2000mg CBD appears to be the best deal for users. It represents some of the strongest full-spectrum and a broad spectrum of Cannabidiol found in today's market. Those who require quick relief from pain and anxiety find it very intriguing.

Several hemp oil tinctures have a substance content strength of 2000mg. This, from analysis, poses to contain about 66mg of CBD oil per 1mL of hemp oil serving—this is most common in the CBD market today.

However, as you keep progressing in taking the 66mg, you are systemically gliding towards the realm of strong CBD content. Note that 2000mg of CBD oil contains nothing less than 2000mg CBD per tincture.

You are most likely going to encounter high-level CBD tincture consequently in the market today. Take, for example, a 30mL serving of hemp oil. It invariably contains 66mg of CBD tincture, which is huge because some experts consider a 50mg content to be on the high side. That being said, since it is a natural product, most won't have any issues taking the 2000mg bottle.

Most people are able to handle the 2000mg CBD oil potency. On the flip side, users need to know and behave accordingly to the quantity they can handle best—is to use the 2000mg CBD tincture or something lesser.

What Is Contained In The 2000mg CBD Tincture Oil?

If you go to the market to get your 2000mg CBD oil dose, you may find that farms that produce them use some oils as a substance. This oil is usually the popular MCT carrier for the 2000mg CBD tincture. 

The MCT is short for Medium Chain Triglyceride. It is in its basic form a soluble fat and plays a massive role in how CBD absorbs into the body system and how it mixes with the blood. There are several advantages of taking the 2000mg CBD oil via the MCT oil carriers. Some of them are:

  • It helps to prevent lactic acid build-up in the body
  • It also serves as a form of energy, and it is very beneficial to the brain.
  • There is a vast improvement in weight loss which poses maximum positivity against heart problems.

What Are The Benefits Of 2000mg CBD Tincture Oil?

The 2000mg CBD oil has several therapeutic effects for most people, which is why many users buy it. Bear in mind that the other CBD oil tinctures can deliver the same product, but the difference is that the rate may be slower than the 2000mg CBD oil.

Many users engage it for stress relief when overwhelmed with mental and physical demands.

Another popular benefit of the 2000mg CBD oil is treating anxiety-related problems. You can use the 2000mg CBD oil tincture as it may help the body to relax the nerves and improve focus. 

Our 2000mg CBD oil is made from pure and natural farming and extraction processes. It is a high-quality product that many have made part of their daily routine. 

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

Natural, Mint, Bubblegum

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  1. Taylor Kern

    For over a year I took a generic CBD tincture in order to enhance my mood and and relax my anxieties. I stayed with the CBD tincture because I truly noticed some positive effects. Just recently, about 2 months ago, I was introduced to Green Method Farms Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture. Before then I was unaware of the full health benefits of Hemp in comparison to the isolated benefits of CBD. While I would still recommend the CBD tincture, after trying Green Method Farms Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture, I am now convinced that this is a superior product fit for my personal needs. I heartily recommend this product for its high quality, its great taste, and the health benefits that I have personally reaped from it.

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