17 Tips To Sleep Better At Night

Getting a night of sound sleep is one of the best blessings these days. Good sleep is the key to normal reactions, clear thinking, and the creation of memories in day-to-day life. Sleep being one of the important aspects of a healthy lifestyle is still a problem for many. Sleeping problems have become very common in today’s time, especially after middle age. The reason behind this could be due to low melatonin production in the body and deviation of other hormonal levels.

If you also face various sleeping issues, we have some simple yet effective tips to sleep better at night.

  • Develop a fixed sleeping pattern:
    To develop and maintain a healthy sleep pattern one must be consistent in going to bed every night at the same time. Once you develop a good sleep pattern, your body tends to adjust itself to sleep at night at the same time slot.
  • Avoid afternoon naps:
    Some studies suggest that an afternoon nap is a way to rejuvenate yourself for the rest of the day. But in case you are suffering from insomnia or facing various sleep issues, it’s better to avoid afternoon naps to sleep better at night.
  • Make your bed comfortable:
    To improve your sleep schedule, your bed must be comfortable enough. Keeping your bed messier or putting so many things can create disturbances in your sleep. Make sure that before you sleep at night, your bed is neat and clean. Use a comfortable mattress suitable according to your requirement and don’t forget to swap it every 5-8 years.
  • The right use of pillows:
    Some people suffer from body aches. This could be back pain or pain in the knees, especially in old age. This causes discomfort in their routine, particularly during night sleep. If you sleep on either of your sides, keep a pillow between your knees for pain relief. If you sleep on your back, place the pillow under the back of your knees. Using pillows can improve the quality of your sleep.


  • Don’t ignore snoring:
    Snoring, if severe, can lead to disturbances in breathing. Due to this, there can be various sleeping problems. It is best to find the reason behind this issue and seek medical advice to have better sleep.
  • Reduce the noise:
    Sleeping in a noisy environment can deteriorate the quality of your quality of sleep. To mask the external noise, you can use white noise. This can be done via a sound conditioner, a fan, or an air purifier. Reducing the noise will surely help you get good quality sleep at night.
  • Prefer sleeping in dark:
    According to studies, sleeping in bright light can affect your melatonin levels which in turn harms your sleep. Sleeping in the dark increases the melatonin levels and hence improves the quality of sleep. Make sure to pull your room curtains to cover any kind of natural or artificial light.
  • Give some space to yourself before sleep:
    Often people have the habit of scrolling through their phones or watching TV or eating just before sleep. Such habits can cause hindrances in sleep. It is advised to stop using your mobile phone or watching TV for at least one hour before you sleep.
  • Listen to some soothing tracks:
    If you are having sleeping issues, listen to some light or soothing tracks. It is said to have a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system which is essential for body relaxation. This helps in relieving stress to get a good sleep.



  • Try to avoid stress and anxiety:
    Stress can adversely affect sleep patterns and excessive stress can lead to insomnia. Stress can cause inconsistent fluctuations in your nervous system which can hamper your sleep. You should try to reduce stress. You can use some anxiety-relieving apps to get good quality sleep.
  • Write a to-do list or maintain a Journal:
    At the end of the day, write down all the tasks which are to be done the next day. You can jot down your thoughts in a journal as it declutters your mind, relieves stress, and helps you get better sleep at night.
  • Avoid heavy meals before bed:
    You must take your meals at least 2 – 3 hours before bed in order to have proper sleep. If required to have a meal close to your bedtime, go for the lighter ones. Some good options are yogurt, low-sugar cereal, chamomile tea, warm milk, or herbal extract.
  • Avoid bright screens close to your bedtime:
    Avoid using backlit devices such as laptops and mobile phones at least 1-2 hours before your bed-time. If necessary, go for night-light filters or blue light filters provided by different applications. This helps to avoid fluctuations in your melatonin levels and you will be able to sleep better.
  • Prefer mild stretching before bed:
    Before going to bed one must practice some mild stretching, breathing exercises, or meditation.  It helps greatly in relaxing and calming the mind. Such activities are proven to help in getting better sleep at night.



  • Try to stay active during the daytime:
    You must try to indulge in some daytime activities such as vigorous exercise, playing tennis and other such sports activities. This makes you feel worn out and leads to falling asleep on time.
  • Avoid alcohol and too much of liquids:
    Avoid alcohol intake at night as it leads to poor sleep. Also, the excess of liquids leads to the excessive urge to urinate during the night. So avoid drinking excess of liquids within an hour and a half of sleep.
  • Prefer a warm bath before bed:
    Prefer taking a warm bath or a shower as it drops the body temperature. This also leads to a feeling of tiredness in the body. Alternatively, you can dip your feet in hot water if you do not want to have a bath or a shower. This can work wonders to sleep better at night.

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